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Paid Memberships Pro – Add Name to Checkout 0.6.1

Paid Memberships Pro is a plugin that provides a comprehensive membership management solution for WordPress websites. The Add Name to Checkout add-on is a useful feature that allows website administrators to capture the personal information of their members during the checkout process. This feature adds support for first and last names to the checkout page, enabling users to input their names as part of the registration process. Users who purchase a membership can easily provide their names, and this information is captured and stored for future reference. This feature can also be customized in various ways, such as adding new fields or changing the layout of the checkout page. Overall, the Add Name to Checkout feature is a valuable add-on that enhances the user experience and helps website owners manage their membership data more efficiently.

Features of Paid Memberships Pro – Add Name to Checkout

– Allows you to add a first and last name field to the checkout page
– Integrates seamlessly with all payment gateways and payment methods supported by Paid Memberships Pro
– Provides users with a better checkout process by collecting all necessary information in one place
– Improves the accuracy of customer data for future communications and marketing efforts
– Easy to install and set up with step-by-step guidance
– Allows for customization of the field labels and placement on the checkout page
– Optional validation of the name fields to ensure accurate information is collected
– Compatible with all Paid Memberships Pro pricing levels, including the free version

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Paid Memberships Pro – Add Name to Checkout - Paid Memberships Pro – Add Name to Checkout 0.6.1
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Last Update: May 27, 2023
Relased: May 27, 2023
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