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UsersWP Groups 1.0.7

UsersWP Groups is a WordPress plugin designed to assist website owners in managing user groups. With this plugin, website owners can create and manage multiple user groups and assign specific roles and permissions for each group. Users can be easily managed and organized into different groups based on their attributes or characteristics. Some of the features of UsersWP Groups include the ability to configure access levels for groups, send group-specific emails, and set up custom registration forms. This plugin also integrates with other popular WordPress plugins to provide additional functionality and customization options. UsersWP Groups offers a user-friendly interface with intuitive settings and can be a valuable addition to any website that requires user management or membership functionality.

Features of UsersWP Groups

• UsersWP Groups is a powerful plugin designed to help you create user groups in WordPress.

• With this plugin, you can easily organize users into custom groups and manage them from a single, centralized location.

• UsersWP Groups comes with a variety of features to help you customize your user groups, including the ability to set different permissions and access levels for each group.

• This plugin is also compatible with a variety of other WordPress plugins, making it easy to integrate into your existing site.

• UsersWP Groups is fully responsive and works well on all devices, allowing you to manage your user groups from anywhere.

• Whether you’re running a small blog or a large corporate site, UsersWP Groups can help you streamline your user management process and keep your site running smoothly.

• With regular updates and dedicated support, UsersWP Groups is a great choice for anyone looking to create and manage user groups in WordPress.

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UsersWP Groups - UsersWP Groups 1.0.7
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Last Update: May 28, 2023
Relased: May 28, 2023
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