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Ultimate Dashboard PRO

Note : Ultimate Dashboard gives you full control over your WordPress Dashboard. Remove the default Dashboard Widgets and and create your own for a better user experience. Please install the free plugin from WordPress Repository before installing the pro version.

About Ultimate Dashboard PRO

Ultimate Dashboard PRO is a comprehensive WordPress plugin that streamlines website management by providing an all-in-one dashboard. This plugin has been designed to help both developers and site owners to manage different aspects of their website with ease. With this plugin, users can create and customize an intuitive dashboard, add new widgets and blocks, or integrate third-party services to their website.

The Ultimate Dashboard PRO comes with a large collection of pre-built widgets that cater to diverse needs, thereby offering users the ability to create dynamic dashboards that are tailored to their specific requirements. The widgets cover different areas of website management, such as content creation, user management, SEO and analytics, and eCommerce. The plugin also provides granular control over the dashboard, making it ideal for large teams or complex projects. Additionally, the Ultimate Dashboard PRO is fully compatible with WordPress Multisite, offering a centralized platform to manage multiple websites from one location.

Features of Ultimate Dashboard PRO

– Customizable widgets for monitoring key metrics
– Ability to integrate with a wide range of data sources
– Allows viewing of multiple data sources in one place
– Quick and easy setup process
– Provides real-time data updates
– Offers various customization options
– User-friendly interface with easy-to-use drag and drop feature
– Supports various formats of data visualization
– Includes features to create automated reports
– Can be used by individuals, teams, or organizations of all sizes.

Benefits of using Ultimate Dashboard PRO

Ultimate Dashboard PRO is a powerful tool that can bring numerous benefits to your WordPress website. This plugin provides various features and tools that can enhance the functionality and appearance of your site. Here are some benefits that come with using Ultimate Dashboard PRO:

– Ultimate Dashboard PRO is easy to use and can be customized to meet your specific needs. It lets you create custom dashboards with a variety of widgets that can display website statistics, important links, and many other useful tools in one place.

– With Ultimate Dashboard PRO, you can organize your website and streamline your workflow to increase efficiency. This tool helps you manage your WordPress dashboard and keeps it clutter-free by hiding unnecessary menu items and widgets.

– Ultimate Dashboard PRO allows you to personalize your brand and impress your clients by creating a custom login page with your logo and background image. This plugin also enables you to add custom menus and links to your dashboard, giving your clients quick access to the tools they need.

– The plugin provides a library of pre-built templates that you can use to create stunning landing pages, feature pages, and more, without any coding skills. It also includes a visual editor that makes customizing these templates easy and intuitive.

– Ultimate Dashboard PRO provides all these features and more while also being lightweight and optimized for performance. This plugin won’t slow down your website and can help improve your website’s overall load times.

In conclusion, Ultimate Dashboard PRO is a feature-packed plugin that can help you streamline your workflow, personalize your brand, and provide a better experience for your website visitors. Enjoy all these benefits and more by using this tool in your WordPress website.


In conclusion, Ultimate Dashboard PRO offers an innovative solution for WordPress users to customize their admin dashboard and optimize their workflow. With its extensive collection of widgets, users can easily create personalized dashboards that suit their needs, saving them time and increasing productivity. The product is user-friendly and flexible, allowing for easy customization without prior experience. Moreover, with a 14-day money-back guarantee, users can try the product risk-free. Overall, Ultimate Dashboard PRO is a valuable investment for WordPress users looking to enhance their dashboard experience.



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Ultimate Dashboard PRO
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Last Update: April 1, 2023
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