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User Activity Log Pro 2.3.2

User Activity Log Pro is a WordPress plugin that helps website owners track the actions and behavior of their users in real-time. The plugin provides extensive user activity logging capabilities by capturing and recording every operation performed by website visitors, such as logins, logouts, post creation, comments, and more. Through the plugin’s user-friendly interface, website admins can effectively monitor user actions and establish a high level of accountability and transparency on their online platforms. Additionally, User Activity Log Pro allows users to customize their monitoring options and set up alerts for specific user activities, enhancing their overall control and management of their WordPress websites.

Features of User Activity Log Pro

– Tracks all user activity on your WordPress site
– Records user logins, logouts, password resets, and failed login attempts
– Monitors content creation, updates, and deletions by users
– Keeps track of user role changes and profile updates
– Provides detailed reports on user activity in a searchable format
– Offers customizable email notifications for specific user actions
– Allows for the export and bulk deletion of user log data
– Integrates with popular WordPress plugins and themes
– Provides support and regular updates to ensure compatibility with new WordPress versions

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User Activity Log Pro - User Activity Log Pro 2.3.2
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Last Update: May 31, 2023
Relased: May 31, 2023
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