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UsersWP Profile Progress 1.2.6

UsersWP Profile Progress plugin helps site owners to enhance the user’s experience by displaying a progress bar on their profile pages. It offers a simple and easy way to track how complete a user’s profile is, which can encourage users to fill in the missing information. With it, you can set up multiple progress bars to track different fields, control the color scheme, and customize the message that encourages users to complete their profile. Additionally, it integrates seamlessly with UsersWP custom fields, making it easy to monitor the completion status of custom fields as well. Overall, UsersWP Profile Progress is a useful tool for website owners wanting to improve user engagement and encourage users to fill out all their profile details.

Features of UsersWP Profile Progress

– Add a progress bar to user profiles
– Track the completion of profile fields
– Customize the colors and design of the progress bar
– Choose which fields to include in the progress bar
– Display a tooltip showing the completion percentage
– Set different target completion percentages for different fields
– Encourage users to complete their profiles for a better user experience
– Easily configure and manage the plugin from the WordPress dashboard
– Compatible with any WordPress theme and UsersWP add-ons
– Receive timely updates and support from the UsersWP team

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UsersWP Profile Progress - UsersWP Profile Progress 1.2.6
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Last Update: May 28, 2023
Relased: May 28, 2023
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