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UsersWP ReCaptcha 1.3.12

UsersWP ReCaptcha is a powerful WordPress plugin that adds an extra layer of security to your website by enabling Google’s reCAPTCHA to protect against spam and bot attacks. With this plugin, you can easily integrate Google’s reCAPTCHA V2, V3, or Invisible reCAPTCHA, depending on the level of security you require. UsersWP ReCaptcha is easy to set up and can be configured in just a few clicks. Additionally, it allows you to customize the look and feel of your reCAPTCHA by changing its size, theme, and language. Overall, UsersWP ReCaptcha is an essential tool for any website owner looking to enhance their site’s security and user experience.

Features of UsersWP ReCaptcha

– Adds Google ReCaptcha integration to UserWP registration and login forms.
– Protects against spam and bots.
– Supports Invisible ReCaptcha and V2 Checkbox ReCaptcha.
– Provides customizable error messages and UI options.
– Offers multiple language support.
– Intuitive admin dashboard and easy setup.
– Inexpensive pricing with a one-time purchase option.
– Can be used on unlimited websites.

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UsersWP ReCaptcha - UsersWP ReCaptcha 1.3.12
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  • Locally serve WebP versions of your images
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Last Update: May 28, 2023
Relased: May 28, 2023
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