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WooCommerce Lottery 2.1.10

WooCommerce Lottery is a plugin designed for WordPress that allows website owners to run lotteries with WooCommerce products. With this plugin, users can easily set up and manage lotteries, create multiple lottery profiles, set the lottery start and end dates, specify the number of winners and even configure the minimum and maximum number of tickets that can be purchased. The plugin is very flexible and allows users to customize the look and feel of their lotteries, including the ability to change the color scheme, add custom messages and more. WooCommerce Lottery is a powerful tool for running lotteries on eCommerce websites and is perfect for businesses looking to boost sales and engagement with their customers.

Features of WooCommerce Lottery

– Allows for the creation of lotteries on WooCommerce websites
– Can set up multiple lotteries simultaneously
– Options for users to select the number of tickets they want to purchase
– Set a start and end date/time for the lottery
– Option for automatic winner selection or manual selection by admin
– Supports multiple payment gateways for ticket purchases
– Ability to customize the lottery layout and appearance
– Lottery data is stored and viewable in the admin dashboard
– Supports email notifications to users about ticket purchases and lottery results
– Provides a widget to display current lotteries on the website
– Compatible with both single product and variation products.

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WooCommerce Lottery - WooCommerce Lottery 2.1.10
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Last Update: June 9, 2023
Relased: June 9, 2023
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